Business Over Beer with Jonathan

In this podcast, I had the pleasure of inviting another local podcaster and business owner, Jonathan Kaylor from Business over Beer (aka, BOB). As I’ve been seeing them doing big things in SW Washington, nothing excites me more than seeing our local small business community being served by folks within the trenches.

Here are some highlights from the Let’s Talk Marketing with NDUB podcast. This is episode 102 – Business Over Beer with Jonathan.

Jonathan Kaylor

Our big company is called TH Three Entertainment. We’re a podcast, audio, video, and live events company. Our main focus is around business over beer. Business Over Beer is a podcast. We started about three years ago telling the stories of small business owners. It’s in the vein of talking business over beer. So, my co-host and partner, Ben Surat, and I were sitting around having lunch on a Sunday afternoon.

And he said words that changed my life forever. He said, you know, I’ve always wanted to start a podcast. And I said, well, what would that be about? He said, well, kind of this sitting around drinking beer and talking business and. Business Over Beer was born and for the last three years, we’ve been talking to small business owners about the ups and downs of following your passion and kind of what goes into being an entrepreneur and being a business owner.

And as we kind of got through the pandemic, it was very obvious that. There is just not enough resources available for small business owners. As we watched our friends and we watched these businesses around our community failing. And people giving up their dreams of being a small business owner.

The thought kept coming back. The question kept coming back to this. Who is helping these business owners be better business owners? And we looked around at different referral networking groups. We looked and you know, different associations and organizations in our community. And, and we didn’t see that there was really an opportunity for micro-businesses, particularly the main street businesses, with less than 10 employees. There weren’t resources out there to help them be better business owners.

 Nathan Webster        

Marketing-wise, what type of tips do you offer? To the listeners out there that you may have already told someone in your program, if they haven’t already, where can they also go to enroll?

Jonathan Kaylor     

So I would say, the best thing that you can do for your business is to understand your story. Right? Who are you at your core and who is your business at your core? And be authentic to yourself…

You know, embrace your story and get really good at telling your story, and practice your story. So that when you have the opportunity to be on a podcast and you have the opportunity to be on a stage when you have the opportunity to share in a networking group that you can be authentic and real with who you are and what your business is about. And people are drawn to that.

And depending on the situation you’re in that may or may not directly lead to new business for you, but that leads to that human connection that leads to you being a resource for other people…

And that connection is then what will really help build our field, our community. So everything that you need from us is found at our website at

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