Nathan Webster

Founder & CEO

The Short Bio:

Nathan Webster is a marketing consultant and college professor with over 20 years of experience in management and nonprofit entrepreneurship. He loves to be a community builder who chooses to roll up his sleeves and get the job done. Nathan is a humble thought leader and visionary with a heart for serving others. He has the breadth and depth of experience needed to quickly understand any business.

Long Bio

Nathan created and operated a community-focused organization, Dream Big Community Center, on youth development for 14 years, 2004-2018, serving over 3,000 students. He created his curriculum to help his students identify and pursue their dreams. When Nathan couldn’t use the well-known popular texts, he self-published the book, Scared to Be Me. In order to be successful, Nathan believed the work needed to be community-focused with the different types of collaborations. He was proud to partner with Round Table Pizza, Portland Trail Blazers, Rachel’s Challenge, Best Buy, Target, Barnes & Noble, and many more.

From 2008 to 2018, Nathan raised almost $200k through writing grants, company sponsorships, various fundraisers, and private asks. This was all done with having a full-time job during his days off and weekends without any compensation. Nathan wanted Dream Big Community Center to have a soul, so he built his curriculum and always brought in speakers who had the same passion for building the community.

In 2015, Nathan began his career teaching at the college level with his alma mater, Clark College. His primary purpose in teaching was to bring better enlightenment on how nonprofits worked, so his community center was flourishing through more community collaboration. Nathan designed the only Nonprofit 101 class, but he shifted to teaching Business 101 classes due to low enrollment.

His philosophy on teaching is from out of the experience. 

I never thought I was smart enough to go to college, so I did everything else but go to college because I didn’t think it was possible for me to earn a college degree. Walking through those doors was the best decision I made. That’s also where the entrepreneur within was born.

Throughout his time at Clark College, he’s overseen the growth of the Entrepreneur program, Clark Entrepreneurs. Nathan started the Clark PitchFest for three years allowing students to earn money, mentorship, and exposure for their business idea or existing business.

In 2016, Nathan also started his podcast focusing on Social Entrepreneurship on raising awareness and building action for his nonprofit. After several years of personal and professional growth, Nathan decided to make the change.

My passion is to help others, but help them to build, create, expand, scale, and sustain their hard work within their business. Typically, this results in consulting key leaders with my expertise in marketing and business development. Therefore, my podcast needed to evolve too.

I love seeing how the right marketing plan can make all the difference. In my experience, I haven’t seen any two companies with the same marketing strategies to get the same results. For example, franchise restaurants within the same metropolitan have to deal with multiple and different demography issues within a 10-mile radius.

Hence, why Nathan switched it up to the “Let’s Talk Marketing” focus.

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Community Involvement

Board Member for The Connected Trust.

Board Member for Rooted School Vancouver.

Board Member for Workforce SW Washington.



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Nathan Webster, Founder and CEO

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