Nathan Webster

Founder & CEO

The Short Bio:

With a rich tapestry of expertise spanning two decades, Nathan Webster emerges as a seasoned marketing guru and esteemed educator. His extensive background in management and nonprofit entrepreneurship fuels a passion for sculpting vibrant communities from the ground up. An advocate of hands-on dedication, Nathan revels in immersing himself in the tasks at hand, translating visions into tangible realities. Nathan stands as a modest beacon of innovative thinking, casting light on uncharted pathways. A compassionate heart drives his commitment to the service of others, elevating him to the status of a visionary achiever. His profound reservoir of knowledge equips him with the prowess to swiftly grasp the intricacies of any business landscape, making him an invaluable asset in navigating the realms of industry.

Long Bio

For a remarkable 14 years spanning 2004 to 2018, Nathan Webster steered the helm of the transformative Dream Big Community Center, a beacon of youth development. Under his visionary guidance, over 3,000 students embarked on journeys of self-discovery, empowered by Nathan’s custom-designed curriculum aimed at unearthing and nurturing their dreams. Undeterred by obstacles, he even authored the self-published masterpiece, Scared to Be Me, when conventional texts fell short. Nathan’s conviction in fostering genuine success emanated from his unwavering commitment to community engagement and diverse collaborations.

The resonance of his efforts radiated far and wide, forging alliances with names such as Round Table Pizza, Portland Trail Blazers, Rachel’s Challenge, Best Buy, Target, and Barnes & Noble, among others. Harnessing the art of grant writing, sponsorships, fundraisers, and personal appeals, Nathan adeptly secured nearly $200k from 2008 to 2018. Remarkably, this tireless endeavor coexisted with a full-time role, highlighting Nathan’s resolute dedication to his mission.

Fueling his brainchild with an authentic essence, Nathan wove his curriculum and orchestrated an array of inspirational speaker engagements, mirroring his fervor for community Empowerment. His journey then took him to Clark College in 2015, where he embarked on a new avenue as an educator. His mission: infuse nonprofits with insights and enhance community synergy. While crafting the singular Nonprofit 101 class, he pivoted to Business 101 instruction due to enrollment dynamics.

A Reflection of Experience:

Nathan’s philosophy on education is a reflection of his profound journey. His narrative, of once doubting his academic path and later embracing the transformative power of education, gave rise to his entrepreneurial spirit. This revelation sprouted within the hallowed halls of Clark College, setting the stage for his multifaceted endeavors.


I never thought I was smart enough to go to college, so I did everything else but go to college because I didn’t think it was possible for me to earn a college degree. Walking through those doors was the best decision I made. That’s also where the entrepreneur within was born.

During his tenure at Clark College, the Entrepreneur program flourished under his guidance, materializing as Clark Entrepreneurs. A testament to his dedication, Nathan initiated the Clark Pitch Fest for three years which fostered students’ business dreams through mentorship, funding, and exposure.

Evolving Impact:

In 2016, Nathan’s voice transcended the classroom and resonated through his podcast, which focused on the realm of Social Entrepreneurship. The podcast became a channel for raising awareness and driving action for his nonprofit passion. Driven by personal and professional transformation, Nathan embarked on a new trajectory.

His fervor for nurturing growth and sustainability inspired a shift in focus. Today, Nathan’s ardor for propelling businesses to build, expand, and endure thrives through consultancy. Armed with a masterful grasp of marketing and business development, he guides key leaders toward their zeniths.

My passion is to help others, but help them to build, create, expand, scale, and sustain their hard work within their business. Typically, this results in consulting key leaders with my expertise in marketing and business development. Therefore, my podcast needed to evolve too.

I love seeing how the right marketing plan can make all the difference. In my experience, I haven’t seen any two companies with the same marketing strategies to get the same results. For example, franchise restaurants within the same metropolitan have to deal with multiple and different demography issues within a 10-mile radius.

Watching the Distinctive Art of Marketing:

Nathan enjoys creating custom marketing strategies that are specifically tailored to each project and resonate well with the audience. It was this profound comprehension that spurred the evolution of his podcast into “Let’s Talk Marketing,” a platform delving deep into the dynamic intricacies of this art form.

Nathan Webster, a catalyst of transformation, demonstrates that the ripples of one person’s dedication can evolve into a sea of impact, reshaping communities and businesses alike

Community Involvement

Board Member for The Connected Trust.

Board Member for Rooted School Vancouver.

Board Member for Workforce SW Washington.



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Nathan Webster, Founder and CEO

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